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Oxford Biotrans is a University of Oxford spin-out company supported by over 20 years of research by Dr Luet Lok Wong from the Department of Chemistry. The company will develop and commercialise enzymatic process technologies that yield high-value chemical compounds.

Our processes bring the following benefits:

  • Yield natural-grade products from natural feedstocks.
  • Offer security of supply by using readily-available feedstocks.
  • Realise production cost advantages, deriving from:
    • Selectivity and activity of our proprietary, bespoke biocatalysts.
    • Ability to use low-cost feedstocks.

They are environmentally friendly process that avoid the harsh reagents and conditions of many synthetic processes, thus producing less chemical waste and using less energy.

Moreover, we can provide routes to molecules not easily accessed by any other means due to the pronounced ability of our catalysts to functionalise positions of a molecular framework that would ordinarily be considered inactive.

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